The Dark Queen

This isn’t the fairytale your mother taught you. In the dark woods, everything you believe to be good is rotten, and when dusk comes, the tales of every nightmare come to life… 
Sydney Whitman is queen bee of Forest Hills High, and she will stop at nothing to put everyone in their place. She has no remorse for letting those who are below her know, including those in her own inner circle. On the night of Forest Hills High’s annual Halloween bash, a classmate of Sydney’s decides to end her mean streak. Having been the butt of Sydney’s jokes for too long, Gwendolyn takes matters into her own hands, ready to teach Sydney a lesson. Sydney finds herself in an unknown territory of the woods, but before she can figure out what happened, a young man with piercing green eyes attacks her and threatens to cut out her heart. In the midst of her terror, she is rescued by her knight in shining armor. This knight with baby blue eyes promises to help her and keep her safe. But, her knight isn’t just any knight. He is the prince of darkness and believes Sydney is his long lost Dark Queen. Sydney denies she is who he believes her to be, but the power that comes with being a queen is too tempting not to play along. Soon, Sydney finds herself in a twisted story of who is good and who is evil, and the boy with the piercing green eyes becomes somewhat of a troubling situation, causing Sydney to question her so-called knight in shining armor. Can Sydney find the truth behind all of the lies? Is she really who the blue-eyed knight believes she is? And, when the truth comes out, who does Sydney want to stand by her side?
Published: July 19, 2016
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