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New titles in the works.

Working on the second book in The Guardian series 11.28.17
Plus a new contemporary romance and whenever the mood strikes the next and final wanderers book or one of the boys from 500 Days. 

The boys of 500 Days will be getting their own story first starting with Greyson and then in no particular order Jaxson, Jacob, Jasper and Cayden

And tons more ideas that are floating around in my head...

Works in progress...
That Friend thing 
(currently working on)
(rough copy)
Love is a sneaky little bastard that sneaks up on you and knocks you out when you least expect it. For Callie and Lucas, their love just might be the ultimate take down…
After her Mom’s accident, Callie was forced to drop out of school and take a job at the local bar to help her mom recover. Three years later, she’s still at the bar, and afraid she’s never going to make it out of town and get the career she’s dreamed of since she was five.
An old friend stumbles into her path after two years of absence. A friend Callie has had a crush on since the moment they first met. The only downside, he’s trying to recover from a broken heart. Lucas is so distraught over losing his fiancĂ© he drowns his sorrows with boozes. Callie offers him a place to stay for the night so he can sleep it off. What she didn’t expect was Lucas to hang around.
Callie and Lucas’s friendship quickly grows closer than ever and when Callie least expects it he manages to break his way into her heart, exposing feelings she has no idea how to handle. Callie knows falling for a friend is the one thing you shouldn’t do, especially one who hasn’t gotten over their ex. Her heart tells her Lucas is worth the risk, but the small voice in the back of head keeps her from confessing her true feelings. Callie doesn’t want to lose her best friend and she’s scared things will be different if she tells him the truth.  
Can Callie overcome her fear of losing Lucas if she confesses how she really feels? Will Lucas’s heart heal enough to move on and discover love was staring him in the face this whole time?

Chasing Unicorns
(rough copy)
When Lexi’s and Carter’s paths cross the heat is undeniable, but is one night of passion enough to convince Lexi Carter is the one?

Lexi Hargrove has made bad decisions all her life and is now finding herself down the path of self-destruction. She is only twenty-five and feels she has plenty of time to get her life in order and find her happily ever after.
Her best friend, Bevin, is convinced Lexi’s happily ever after is in the form of a man. Bevin reminds her daily she’s too picky and is chasing a unicorn, a mythical creature that doesn’t exist. Hell bent on proving Bevin wrong, Lexi presents her with a cross-country trip of a lifetime.
Tank full and car packed, they hit the open road in hopes of finding themselves and maybe a few unicorns along the way.

Carter Ryan has his entire life planned out. He has a good job, a supportive family, and security for his future. The only thing missing was someone who he could call his own. Carter’s brother tells him he needs to take more chances in life.
An outing one night drives him right into the arms of the beautiful Lexi Hargrove. Whose carefree nature and live by your own rules lifestyle makes him want to run in the opposite direction, but there’s just something about her. He can’t seem to walk away.

Taking his brother’s advice, he pursues the vivacious Lexi, only to have her tell him he’ll never make it past the one night stand. Determined to prove her wrong, he challenges her to a bet she can’t pass up. A bet her heart’s not prepared to lose. 
(Names, places, and ideas are subject to change)

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