The Guardians

Strange Fate
Book one in The Guardian series. 
(Late fall/winter 2015)

Olivia thought she was doomed to spend eternity in purgatory. A punishment worse than death for saving an innocent that was destined to die. Stopping death was against the rules and breaking those rules had consequences. The higher powers decided to give Olivia a second chance to redeem herself with a new charge, little did she know this particular charge would truly make her work for her redemption and lead her back to the person she risked her life to save.
Oliver had everything going for him. A girlfriend, he cared for deeply, a best friend who was following him to college and the chance to start his life. That was until one night he ran into the girl he’s been dreaming about since he was five. The beautiful blonde who saved his life thirteen years ago. Oliver can’t believe she’s real and can’t seem to stay away from her, but their reunion isn’t coincidental. Fate has brought them back together for a reason. There is a war brewing between good and evil and destiny has chosen the only two people who can keep the balance and save the world from self-destruction.

Will Oliver and Olivia be able to stop the world from diving into darkness or will they be blinded by their own inner demons to survive what fate has in store for them?

(Untitled book two in The Guardian series)

Jocelyn has spent an eternity trying to recover from the heartbreak of her one true love. The best way to get over him was to harden her heart and treat men like a revolving door. Everything was going great, that was until she was forced to work side by side with the incomparable Sutton Henderson. 
A war was brewing and it was their job to find the Nephilim to help stop the destruction of the planet. The only problem, Joceyn couldn't stand Sutton. He was the only one who could resist her charms making him her hardest conquest. 
Sutton struggled all his life with his demon side. He has managed to keep it under control until his new quest had him wanting to break out every demonic trick in the book. Jocelyn Reeves was a thorn in his side. A never ending headache he couldn't get rid of. Stuck together for god knows how long, Sutton fears the worst. He's been able to resist her so far, but she keeps pushing his buttons to the point he might break. 
Can they make it through the mission without killing each other or will their unbridled passion explode, creating a tidal wave of emotions neither knows how to handle. 

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