Sunday, December 8, 2013

Check out another all new author interview at Fang-tastic-books!

And for all you Goodreads members Reborn is currently up for review through the group Lovers of Paranormal. So stop by and grab your spot to receive a free copy to review the latest book in The Wanderers series. Hurry up before all the spots are gone!
It's snowing here so I say it's perfect day to kick back and read a good book! (cough) hint. 
I wish it really looked like this but sadly it's slush

Other news:
Coming soon! A new adult contemporary romance. Been working on this one for a while and on vacay next work so hopefully I can spit this one out and finish it. Maybe I can give you a sneak peek. :)
Trying to get some giveaways going. Will have something setup this week for a big giveaway bag. 
Was thinking of holding a book cover contest. I need some ideas for my next book cover for 500 days. Thoughts? Ideas? for the giveaway?

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