Saturday, February 8, 2014

Who's excited for Unforgiven to come out? Just have to make sure everything is ready and then hopefully within a few weeks (maybe sooner) it should be here! Almost have everything ready for the big giveaway. Slowly collecting everything and trust me it will be worth the wait. Lots of goodies!
I'm also very close to finishing my new adult book 500 days! Making my goal of releasing three books this year very possible! On another note, The Hairdresser Diaries is getting a new look. I've decided to part ways with my publisher because unfortunately we just weren't the right match for each other, but in doing so I lose my cover and have to come up with a new one :(  . Working on it and should be able to see it soon. But the goods news is you will be able to buy The Hairdresser Diaries in paperback Yay! I know i'm excited too.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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