Friday, May 6, 2016

Hello all,
So I'm patiently waiting for my betas to finish the final read through on The Dark Queen and Strange Fate. Hopefully, soon I will have something for you to sink your teeth into. Great news for all The Wanderer fans. I have started the next book in the series so you can whoop for joy! Also working on a new contemporary romance called, That Friend Thing. I also decided to do something a little different with the Dark Queen. I'm putting it on Kindle Scout where readers can vote to have your book published so I'm going to need all your help! As soon as it's ready and uploaded to the site I will let everyone know!
I am also on Wattpad!
Wattpad/Jessica Miller
Haven't uploaded any stories yet, but will soon. I plan to publish The first book in The Wanderers series so everyone will have the chance to read the first book for free. :)
I may even add one or two other books that are already out ;)
Possibly a short story from Tristan's POV on when he first met Ella and rescued her from the accident.
Okay, I think that's it for now. Fingers crossed this rain stops soon so I can get motivated. Rain makes me blah and it's been raining all week. Bleh.

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